Classes Breakdown

Beginner Series 1 consists of the learning & practice of the following:

Waist Hooping, Hip Hooping, Walking, Dipping, Turning, Stalls, Hand Hooping, Basic Jumps, On Body Hooping, Off Body Hooping, Transitioning. Neck Hooping, Chest Hooping, Knee Hooping, Basic Breaks, 2 flow sessions & much more!

Beginner Series 2 consists of the learning & practice of the following:

Surface Switching, Chest Hooping 2, Vortex, Jumping 2, Knee Hooping 2, Chi-Ups, Linking Cycles, More On & Off Body Hooping 2, Transitioning 2, Pick-Ups, 2 flow sessions & much more!

Classes Drop-Ins

For students who wish to drop-in & not join a workshop, I’ll be giving them exercises and tricks that match their level.

Classes Info

*The beginner classes series come in series of 8 courses over 8 weeks, that means once a week. Each class duration is 1h30 to 1h45 minutes. For children the classes are of 45 minutes. Detailed schedule & guidelines will be provided upon enrollment. All classes open on warm ups & stretching & close on cool downs.
*The cost & energy exchange for workshops may slightly vary depending on the workshop content & duration, venue & number of attendees. The package will include one Hula Hoop provided & customized by FLOW HOOP DANCE in collaboration with international hoop shops & hula hoop makers. Each series will have 2 complimentary FLOW sessions (total of 8 classes).
*Early bird discount for the early enrollment & payment facilities are available as well.
To enroll and book your spot in a class series drop me a direct e-mail with the title of the Class you’re interested in to

*Please visit our FAQ section before sending any inquiry we might have already answered.

*Note that to enroll you have to be 13+ years old, and for children as of the age of 6 years, the parent or tutor’s consent is required.

Let it flow!