What is Hula Hooping & what are the benefits? Hoop Dance regroups fitness, spirituality & dance. The benefits of hooping are many, of which we note great cardiovascular exercise, weight loss, flexibility, strengthens abdominal muscles, sculpts the body, increases energy & builds core strength, develops balance & coordination, instills confidence, relieves stress, promotes laughter & smiles. It is said that hooping can burn up to 600 calories in an hour when done intensively. Hooping quiets the mind and allows you to forget about your day as you focus on your body and the movement and rhythm of the hoop.

Where can I get a Hula Hoop from? The hoops you’ll be using are not regular hula hoops (by this i mean not the ones sold in sports shops or kids stores). The ones we want are specifically made for adults and are not available for purchase in stores, they are handmade & on order. They are larger, thicker, heavier, and are covered in special grip tape that helps the hoop stick to your hips and not slide down. Your hoops are ordered & shipped from the US, made by professional hoop makers.

Where can I find a Hula Hoop? Keep in mind that when ordering hoops we have to wait for the shipment to arrive (it usually takes between 16 days up to a 1 month). So either I order it for you as some newbies prefer, or you can always order them yourself, for this you will get in touch with your hoop-maker of choice and have her help you choose the best hoop for you.

What’s a flow session? A flow session is when you combine the tricks and moves you learned in class, so you’d be able to give a harmonious performance after having achieved your beginners’ class series. For more hula hooping, there are also the next levels series and specific workshops provided by FLOW HOOP DANCE. Visit our Classes section for details.

Cost & Energy Exchange Drop us a letter & we’ll get back to you with answers that meet your inquiry.

How do I enroll in Classes & Workshops? Choose your series, class, workshop or venue & drop me a direct message on Flow Hoop Dance, contact via website,  or e-mail to flowbreakplay@gmail.com

*Note that to enroll you have to be 13+ years old, if you are under 18, and for children as of the age of 6 years, the parent’s or tutor’s consent is required.

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